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Australians exempted from visa hassles to gain entry to Indonesia

Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs Indroyono Soesilo stated that the $US35 VoA requirement applicable to visitors from Russia, Australia, South Korea and Japan has been waived off in an effort to boost tourism influx.

Indonesia having 9,00,000 Australian visitors with Bali alone attracting 8,26,000 which at present allows visa free entry only to ASEAN nationals, that includes the rich Chinese territories of Hong Kong and along with five others.

The visa waiver is expected by Maritime affairs minister to give a fillip to tourism and increase the tourism rate by 10 million in 2015 when compared to last year. This should be a major boost-up to Indonesia’s tourism industry and make it a forerunner in the archipelago tourism comprising of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Summary: Announcement of a visa-free entry into Indonesia for Australian citizens is a step closer towards building a strong revenue system in Indonesia.

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