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Australians support immigration: Survey
Posted on: 01 Nov 2014  |   Tags: ,

The majority population of Australia supports the intake of immigration and multiculturalism, as 5 percent of the country faces discrimination which is according to the latest study.

The survey which was looked upon 24,000 of population, proclaimed a strong support for the intake of immigration and the remuneration of multiculturalism.

Australians support immigration: Survey - Opulentus news

The foundation stated that 58 percent of the population has agreed that the intake of immigration is right to too low and 35 percent of the population has considered that the intake of immigration is sky high.

The report author of Monash University said that the level of the Australians support is astonishing in the reference of rising redundancy and additional financial concerns.

He also added by saying that the study which was conducted in the US and Europe in 2014, they have found 60 – 75 of disapproval for the immigration.

The major survey of its class monitored the attitudes of the public on the issues which include the immigration, discrimination, multiculturalism and belonging.

From the time the survey began in 2014 the report highlighted the discrimination remained closed at level of 18 percent.

30 percent of the population reported the often occurrence of discrimination at least once a month.

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