CIC – Express Entry 18th Draw Results

Yesterday, the CIC has again rolled out red carpet for the skilled individuals  for the candidates who have enrolled for Express entry. This time the CIC has sent around 1545 invites.   All these individuals who have received an invite would be eligible to apply for the Canadian permanent residency.

18th Draw

This time, the cut off score for 18th Express entry draw was  450 points, all candidates who have got 450 or above can submit their entry for Canadian Permanent Residency.

We find the Candidates are assessed on varied criteria and those individuals who have got highest ranking would be invited by the CIC to immigrate to the Maple leaf nation.

The CRS does assess the profile information of the candidates which does include work experience, skills, education, language ability and other factors.

The Canadian employers are required to ensure the job offer is supported by the Labour Market impact assessment. This particular process does ensure they have initially tried to find the Canadian to fill the varied job openings.

Express Entry 18th Draw

17th Express Entry Draw  Conducted , Issues 1545 Invites

17th drawThe CIC  conducted 17th express Entry draw on 18th September 2015. The number of invites sent were around  1545. All those candidates who have received more than 450 score can apply for the  Canada PR.

The CIC has announced that it would conduct about  25 express Entry in this year, till now it has conducted about 17 Express Entry draws.  It would conduct about 8 more Express Entry draw during this year.

The main aim of Express Entry is to attract the skilled labour force which have special talent to Canada. It does roll out red carpet for these individuals.

When compared to the previous draw the cut off score  has been decreased. For 16th Express Entry draw, the cut off score was 459.

For 16th Express Entry draw, the number of invite send were around 1517 and 1for 7th Express Entry draw, 28 more invites were sent.

Is Germany job seeker visa, initiative by Federal Government

Individuals feel that they are more exciting things about moving to Germany, rather than doing the administrative rounds.  Those individuals can apply for Germany Jobseeker visa, it is considered to be initiative by the Federal Government to encourage more qualified professions from abroad to come to Germany.

Since 1 August 2012, graduates with German or other recognized university degree of a foreign degree which is comparable to a German degree would be eligible to enter Germany in order to seek employment

We find holders of the job seeker visa may stay in Germany for nearing to six months in order to search for employment. The applicant inorder to obtain the Germany jobseeker visa, the applicant should furnish the proof of their university degree as well as document to support their planned duration of stay. While seeking employments, the jobseekers do not have permission to work, whether  on self employed basis or otherwise.

Individuals think it will not be long for them to work in Germany on interesting projects if they receive a visa. The first major step towards acheving it, is visa application. They will be surprised as to how attractive the immigration regulations are in Germany.

The applicant has to remember that the Germany jobseeker visa holder cannot get employed but can only have the permission to check for the suitable employment.  Only after visa holder finds adequate employment their status would be changed to residence permit and will be permitted to take up job in the nation.

Good news is that the Germany jobseeker visa applications is processed within weeks of submission. The visa decision as well as duration however does vary from one applicant to another.

For citizens of EU. They have the right to freedom of movement, they have unrestricted access to the German labour market. For all others, the need to apply for visa in their home nation.

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Want to work in Germany? Then apply for the Germany Business Visit Visa

Are you willing to go abroad for the business? Well, Germany is one of the best places for starting up your business. Germany is the popular western European country with the vast covering of forests, mountains and rivers. It is also famous place for the tourist attractions where many tourists travel.

Business Visit Visa:

Germany Business Visit Visa is a short stay visa and is provided to the applicants who are planning for a business trip to Germany. The maximum validity of the Business Visit Visa will be 90 days.

How to apply for Germany Business Visit Visa?

The willing person needs to apply at the home country where the applicant should submit the application with all required documents in support of the person. The people are suggested to apply at least three weeks before your date of departure.

Processing of application:

• Prepare your visa application

You need to apply for the visa with the complete and signed application with all required documentation with the appropriate purpose

• Make an appointment

You need to book an appointment where your visa application is accepted prior to the appointment

• Verification of appointment

Your appointment letter will be issued by the embassy where you need to be on time for your visa processing request.

• Submission of application

You need to submit the completed and signed application form including the required documentation. After the process of your application is completed, the application will be sent to the consulate for the collection of your passport

Requirements for the Germany Business Visit Visa

• Fully completed application form
• Valid passport
• Current bank statement from previous three months
• Health insurance
• Business reference

Germany is one of popular place where many people approach to fulfill their desires. It is one of the most influenced European countries with the huge expansion of technology. It is the federal republic country with the large temperate seasonal climate by covering an area of

Why Opulentus?

Opulentus is the leading company which provides appropriate solutions to the clients and sorts out every phase of the visa processing. Opulentus guides the clients with the simple and smooth processing of visas. The processing of the visas will take place through the expertise and qualified visa consultants of this company.

Work in South Africa through Job Seeker Visa

Are you looking for a job overseas? Well, South Africa is also one of the popular countries among the world. South Africa is situated in the southernmost tip of the African continent where it is bounded with the 2798km of coastline. It is the 25th largest land area country and 24th most populous nation with 53 million people.

South Africa Job Seeker Visa:

The job seeker visa of South Africa is a residence permit which is temporary and allows the applicant for searching the job in South Africa. Initially, it is issued to the applicant for 90 days. If the applicants are confirmed for the employment, then they would be issued a Quota work permit of South Africa which is initially issued for five years which can be extended till the existence of the employment.

Features of Job Seeker Visa:

Applicants with the residence permit which is temporarily issued for the 90 days can find a job in South Africa and can submit an application for the Quota work permit. If the applicants cannot find job in South Africa then they have to return to the home country.

Benefits of Quota Work Permit:

There are few benefits to the applicants who are selected for the Quota work permit

• The validity of the work permit will be till the existence of your employment in South Africa
• After the five years stay in South Africa, a person can be eligible to permanent residence
• The applicant family are allowed to reside in South Africa

Requirements for Job Seeker Visa:

• Candidate should have minimum 5 years work experience in nomination occupation
• Candidate should have minimum bachelors degree
• Candidate should satisfy the health and character requirements
• Candidate should have enough funds

The federal government of South Africa gives job opportunity to the applicant to succeed in their life and it is also known as one of the best countries in the world to fulfill their desires. South Africa is a multi ethnic country with a wide variety of languages, religions and cultures. The country is recognized as a highest number of any of the country which follows 11 official languages.

Why Opulentus?

Opulentus is the leading visa company. The processing of visa will be simple and smooth. The consultants of opulentus are very kind and friendly.  They give genuine suggestions to the clients for their bright future. They offer excellent services and make your visa process successful.

Migration to Canada through Canada work permit

Are you planning to work in Canada? If yes, then you need to start applying for the Canada work permit in order to work in Canada. Work permits are issued for the skilled professionals who are able to fulfill the needs of the companies in Canada and are fulfill the scarcity of the workers in Canada. Canada is one of the beautiful countries situated in Northern America. Canada is on the top position in the immigrant list of the migration destinations.

Work Permit Canada

Canada work permit enables you to work under the Canada’s safety and employment regulations. A candidate who is not having the work permit will be an illegal worker in the country. Work permit means a temporary stay in the country.

Features of Canada work permit

• Work permit will be valid only for a particular period
• Work permit guarantees the safety and work of your payments
• Work permit allows you to work only is specified categories

Prerequisites for Canada work permit

In order to obtain the Canadian work permit, you need to fulfill the following prerequisites

• Valid passport
• Medical certificates showing that your health is good
• You need to show proof that you do not have any criminal record
• An offer of job from the employer of Canada
• You must show a proof that you are in a position of supporting sufficient funds for yourself and your dependants if you have any
• Proof that your stay will be temporary.

If you are planning to work in Canada then start applying for the Canada work permit because Canada is a country with ample career opportunities, flourishing and stable economy, high standards of living, and healthy and clean surroundings.

Why opulentus?

Opulentus consultants are skilled professionals who are always ready to help those candidates who want to migrate to Canada. If you want to migrate to Canada under the Canada work permit and you are confused whom to approach, then consult the professionals of Opulentus as they provide you the right information on different categories of Canada work permit and will guide you throughout your process of visa.

Opulentus excellence in processing my Hong Kong immigration visa

Hi friends,

My name is Sanjay; I am here to express my gratitude towards the visa consultants of Opulentus, who made my Hong Kong immigration dream into reality. The services and visa products provided by the team of Opulentus is really amazing. They made my way to Hong Kong hassle free. I am impressed with their superb immigration and visa services.

I dreamt of living and working in an overseas destination. But, I never get a chance for the same. After working as a civil engineer for a period of continuous five years, I decided to migrate overseas. I approached many immigration and visa consultants but none of them gave a better guidance and suggestion. And for guiding and providing some basic information they charged very huge amount. Fortunately, one of friends suggested me to approach the immigration consultants of Opulentus for amazing guidance and experience.

I approached them right away! The way they addressed my queries was really amazing. I asked them numerous queries. They had answers to all my queries. They are always updated with the latest immigration news and assisted me accordingly. I felt myself very fortunate that finally I consulted a genuine and best immigration consultancy. A special case officer was allotted to me who have gone through my profile completely and suggested me that Hong Kong would be the right chose for the immigration. They asked me to submit some mandatory documents. After submitting the documents my immigration process to Hong Kong got started. I wonder! Within a short period of time my visa got approved. The entire credit goes to the immigration consultants of Opulentus. I never thought that my dream of ove4rseas career would be turned into reality in such a short span of time.

I am very grateful to the Opulentus! Once again I would like to thank for Opulentus for all its support in my immigration and visa process to Hong Kong.

Opulentus offers exceptional Denmark Greencard visa services

Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries, which is encompassed with quiet mood, green grounds, Faroe Islands, dazzling attractions, landmarks, old models, shocking common attractions and numerous others. Aside from its eye-getting common attractions, this happiest European nation is likewise remarkable for extensive variety of job and vocation prospects. Overseas skilled immigrants who are aspiring to migrate to this excellent country for obtaining jobs must hold a valid visa in order to work in Denmark and fulfill their career dreams.

With an aim of alluring more number of talented specialists from all over the world, Denmark government has recently declared few plans, for example, green card that eventual accommodating for a single person to settle in nation and work under a Danish employer. Individuals can know more about Denmark immigration and its overhauled visa choices by approaching our amazing Opulentus visa expert advisors, who are in the immigration field from past several years.

Denmark Green Card Scheme:

Denmark Green Card is designed for overseas skilled employees who qualify in points test by scoring least of 100 points and looks for the residence permit of maximum two years with the end goal of getting the job opportunity. However, the work permit or residence permit under the Denmark Green Card is issued by assessing individual’s credentials such as education level, language skills and adaptability. Initially, there were five aspects under, which visa used to grant. However, as per the new amendments the factors on which points are awarded are reduced to three from five.

An additional benefit for an abroad national who migrate to Denmark under Green Card is that he or she doesn’t oblige any different work permit to work in their dream destination. Earlier Green Card plan was applicable just for overseas skilled employees; however now students who possess required skills and abilities are also grated with Denmark green card.

Advantages of Denmark Green Card Scheme

• Can achieve the short-term residence permit for two years and later it can be extended further
• A person who works for at least 10 hours in a week is permitted to extend his or her residence permit
• Can achieve permanent residency following seven years of stay in the nation
• Can travel across the country with no confinements

Why Opulentus?

Opulentus is one of the main immigration consultancies that putting forth’s its best immigration services to each person who approaches them with a number of concerns and issues. Since its inception in 2000, the firm has handled various number of customers applications and have helped numerous customers to move to their dream destinations at affordable rates. They offer authentic and dependable services to its potential customers. The immigration consultants of Opulentus are experienced and talented individual who assists individuals very well and make their visa process simpler. They are always updated with the latest immigration news and assists individuals accordingly.

Opulentus assistance in my Denmark student visa

Hai friends! I am Mouli; I am here to share my journey with Opulentus in my student visa process. Opulentus is a fast-emerging visa consultancy which I have come across recently with one of my friend’s support. With a passion for pursuing my higher studies in an overseas nation, I have completed my graduation in the steam of electronics in the year 2010, but could not move further due to disapproval of my visa since two years. Then I started searching about the immigration process and its latest norms.

How I have come across Opulentus?

We all know that migration is a process that involves many legal aspects, hurdles, pitfalls and especially when choosing to study in overseas nation, it involves searching of well-renowned university that offers various benefits like less tuition fees, scholarships, wide-range of employment programs and many others. And undergoing all this processes solely is quite a typical task. So, I had started searching for an immigration consultancy that offers professional immigration services at affordable rates.

With one of my dear ones guidance I approached Opulentus, I really found it as a must visit immigration consultancy, as the expertise hands who are present over there offer splendid services from the day of application lodging. They create a friendly environment and make us understand each and every phase of visa process in a clear and concise manner.

My experience with Opulentus consultants:

The professional team of Opulentus follows few ethics and principles that would be helpful for a client to reach his or her goals at the earliest. I really found them as helpful when I was in need. They have not only helped me in gaining awareness on the Denmark student visa process but also helped me to gain knowledge on the advancements and the employment opportunities that are present in my dream nation. I take this as an opportunity and I thank each and every person of the firm heartily.

Opulentus has done the best for me

Both my parents’ worked hard to educate me and I also struggled a lot in my childhood to study. I wanted to earn big and take care of parents’. I studied hard and I went Canada to study. I studied and earned a job. It took me five years to settle down in the country. After a lot of hard work I finally got my permanent residency in Canada after certain period and now I was allowed to get my dependents to the country. It was my chance now to take care of parents’ and give them a life of comfort.

I dreamt of this day my entire life and I was excited to tell them that now they can come and live with me. When I called my parents and informed them that they pack bags and come to stay with me. The joy in their voice was over whelming. I explained them the entire process and said them that I would send the required papers and they will have to submit them along with their application form.

But it was over the phone and they were quite confused about what exactly they had to do. I wanted someone to help them and suddenly it struck me that one of my friends works at a visa consultancy. I immediately contacted him and asked him to help my parents’. He was working in Opulentus visa consultancy which is quite popular in India and as well as Canada.

He approached my parents’ and took care of the entire visa processing. Opulentus appointed a case officer to my parents’ where they take care of the entire processing and even keep them informed regarding the updated changes that has taken place. They helped my parents’ a lot and even guided them for the visa interview. Thanks a lot Opulentus for taking care, they finally got the visa and they are here with me exploring Canada on their own. This is what I exactly wanted to give my parents’. Thanks for making my dream come true.