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Democrats - Immigration reform litmus test

 held up the immigration reform, but it lives in campaigns across the country this year where the democrats are pointing it out as the key litmus assessment of Republicans’ bipartisan authorization.

Democrats  - Immigration reform litmus test - Opulentus

The immigration debate from a question of legalization and amnesty has been turning around to a debate of willingness to cross party lines on rough issues and say Republican candidates who go up against the Senate bill have shown and they cannot be trusted to work in a bipartisan method.

Democratic strategist – Jim Manley said, amidst the repugnance at Washington all the time high or low depending on the way you look at it and it makes sense for the Democrats to remind the voters, that if the Republican party was not dominated by the extremists, then Congress would have taken the problems facing by the country in their hand.

A Democratic senate nominee Michelle Nunn from where Georgia, where the immigration bill is not very popular is pressing the attack and arguing with the Republic nominee to take back the David Predue’s refusal to the legislation show where he can’t be trusted to come up with a bipartisan solution.

Mrs. Nunn said in that candidates forum that it is presumptively one of the shaper contrasts that they will find between David and her and David clings what I believe is the attitude of gridlock in Washington which has not approved us to get this done.

The gang of eight (four democrats and four republicans) has written the senate bill and would have legalized the estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants already in the country and at the same time boosting legal immigration which will help the companies to find workers. The passes with 68 to 32 vote with all the Democrats and 14 Republicans supporting the bill, but it has failed to gain the grip in the house where the GOP has refused to bring it up for vote.

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