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Hi everyone, I am here to narrate my good experience with a visa company called Opulentus. I went to Opulentus when I was in need of Germany job seeker visa. I have had three years of experience. I didn’t know how to get this visa and the documents that are required to submit to German high commission. So, I approached Opulentus and told them that I want Germany job seeker visa. They told me how there are many opportunities in Germany. But then they even mentioned that I should have the motivation and shouldn’t lose if there’s any delay in getting the job. I was very optimistic and told them that I was game for it. They took all the required documents. And finally they processed my visa. After a couple of months I got my Germany job seeker visa. It was all because of the sincere efforts made my Opulentus. I am really thankful to Opulentus. However, I was getting confused as to how to go there, I mean the accommodation and all as I was unable to find anything online. I can book a lodge but what if I don’t get the accommodation on time, my money will be wasted. So, I asked Opulentus to help me out. It was then they told me about their post landing services. I availed them. They only searched for the house and even made all the arrangements to pick me up from the airport. I like Opulentus. I highly recommend them.

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