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Hi friend, my name is Avanthika Ghosh from Haldia. I am an MBBS graduate. Although a meritorious student, I couldn’t get MD seat…got some PGD that I didn’t like to do…However, I was very keen on masters…to see the actual doctor on the certificate...As most of the time I was in to books, I don’t know much about the outside world…the right channels to approach and stuff like that.

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So, I asked some of my friends who stay in USA as to how to get a visa. They told me about Opulentus and how it helped them go there. So, noted down the details and approached their nearest office. At first Opulentus front office executive asked me the requirement. I told them that I need some guidance and I want to go to some foreign country for my medical masters.

The executive took me to Opulentus help desk, which went through my requirements and heard my ambitions in life. Accordingly, they came up with Australia. They told me that Australia would be a good place for medical courses. Also, they said I can work in Australia in leading hospitals as the demand for doctors is high over there. I was really happy and applied for a couple of universities there. As soon I got admission letter from the college, I went to Opulentus and told asked them to process my visa.

They processed my Australian visa and finally I am in Australia. After I am done with my studies, I will again approach Opulentus for my work visa. All in all, I can say that Opulentus did commendable job and I strongly endorse them.

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