UK government changes Immigration rules



The UK home office has released a statement of intent which states the introduction of changes in the immigration policies and will have impacts on the points based system and tiers.

The tier 1 visa category is for the financial investors who make high net worth investments in UK. From November 6 2014 there will be certain amendments taking place in the Migration Advisory Committee. The changes in the rules for criteria of investment for shares or trading will take place.

A genuine vacancy test will conducted to the tier 2 visa applicants and Intra company transfer from November 6 2014, where there are rational grounds to believe that there is no genuine vacancy.

The clearance officer may ask for additional information from the applicant or the sponsor and there are chances of refusal for the applicant if they failed to satisfy the genuine vacancy test and expect the home officer to grant the details regarding the criteria which will be considered by the clearance officer for the genuineness role.

The home office has introduced new rules for the business visitors and which are also put to action from November 6 2014 and the business visitors entering UK can undertake these rules along with the old ones provided the visitor is a paid employee overseas.

UK government introduces changes to the . The new changes in the UK immigration rules will come into action from November 6 2014.


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