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Is Germany job seeker visa, initiative by Federal Government

Individuals feel that they are more exciting things about moving to Germany, rather than doing the administrative rounds.  Those individuals can apply for Germany Jobseeker visa, it is considered to be initiative by the Federal Government to encourage more qualified professions from abroad to come to Germany. Since 1 August 2012, graduates with German or other recognized university degree of a foreign degree which is comparable to a German degree would be eligible to enter Germany in order to seek employment We find holders of the job seeker visa may stay in Germany for nearing to six months in order to search for employment. The applicant inorder to obtain the Germany jobseeker visa, the applicant should furnish the proof of their university degree as well as document to support their planned duration of stay. While seeking employments, the jobseekers do not have permission to work, whether  on self employed basis or otherwise. Individuals think it will not be long for them to work in Germany on interesting projects if they receive a visa. The first major step towards acheving it, is visa application. They will be surprised as to how attractive the immigration regulations are in Germany. The applicant has to remember that the Germany jobseeker visa holder cannot get employed but can only have the permission to check for the suitable employment.  Only after visa holder finds adequate employment their status would be changed to residence permit and will be permitted to take up job in the nation. Good news is that the Germany jobseeker visa applications is processed within weeks of submission. The visa decision as well as duration however does vary from one applicant to another. For citizens of EU. They have the right to freedom of movement, they have unrestricted access to the German labour market. For all others, the need to apply for visa in their home nation.

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