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Japan is likely to ease multiple-entry visa requirements for rich Chinese

In a bid to boost its revenue and strengthen ties, the foreign ministry of Japan is likely to simplify the multiple-entry visa requirements for rich Chinese.

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Currently, the nationals of China need to obtain either single or multi-entry visa to make a trip. The second-mentioned visa allows visitors to travel as many times as they like given the visa is valid. Chinese visiting Japan on multiple-entry visas are required to spend one night in Okinawa Prefecture, Fukushima, Miyagi or Iwate on their first visit.

Sources said that the ministry is likely to abolish the travel requirements and the simplified visa requirements will be confined only to rich Chinese. The ministry considers that abolishing the travel requirements will not raise any issues in backing the economic growth of Okinawa as the simplified visa requirements will benefit only wealthy Chinese.

Presumably, the Japan ministry will ease the requirements of multiple-entry visas for Chinese who teach subjects related to Japan.

Experts say that this visa regime will enhance the impetus towards a Japan-China summit meeting.

Notably, around 970,000 visas were granted to Chinese over last year, of which 45,044 are of multiple-entry visas, which is over three times the number of visas issued over the past five years.

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