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Opulentus visa consultancy helped me in dealing with my visa processing. I wanted a German work visa, where I wanted to go and find a job in Germany. I tried through my own process but failed to do it and I got rejected. One of my uncles asked me to consult Opulentus Visa Company who is expert in visa processing. When I contacted Opulentus I was not sure of what kind of questions I wanted to ask. But eventually when I landed in their office I explained them all the requirements and was getting scared if I could get the visa in the second attempt.

Opulentus team told me that there is a particular visa called the German Job Seeker visa where I can go Germany and search for a Job on legal basis. The entire team motivated me and told me that the situation was in the hand and there was nothing to worry, but somewhere inside I obviously had the fear of rejection. Opulentus took my entire documents which they required for the submission of the visa, as I was scared of the rejection; Opulentus helped me and guided me with the visa processing interview, where they told me what kind of questions will be asked and what kind of answers should I give. They checked my entire profile and financial documents if they are proper in order to decrease the chances of rejection. When everything was ok and the documents were sent for processing it was my chance to go for the personal interview. I still remember that morning I was shivering like anything to attend. But my case officer at Opulentus gave me the confidence. As I came out if the embassy I was shocked and filled with joy as the visa was approved. Opulentus team told me that when all the documents are real and the aim is clear then there is no chance of rejection. Thank you Opulentus for all the hope and support.

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