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Planning to visit Ireland for Business purpose? Need assistance to move to Ireland for Business? Then, approach Opulentus visa consultants, who assist you in your Ireland business visa process. Ireland is a hub for business. Every year a number of people from all over the world move to Ireland for business purposes.

Ireland business visa:

Ireland business visa enables overseas nationals to engage in a variety of business-related actions, which includes attending meetings and business conferences, and conducting business discussions. Individuals holding Ireland business visa are not permitted to take up any employment in Ireland. Opulentus visa consultant’s offers best Ireland business visa services to the individuals.

Ireland business visa requirements

In order obtain Ireland business visa applicants need to fulfill the following Ireland business visa requirements.

  • Valid passport with a minimum validity period of six months even after the individuals exit from Ireland
  • Applicants must prove that they are intended to return to their native land after their purpose of visit to Ireland.
  • Proofs of bank accounts, employment, or evidence of family commitments must be produced
  • Letter of invitation from the relevant Irish firm and must provide details of the purpose, planned activities, and period of stay.
  • Letter should be provided from the applicant’s existing employer. This should confirm their trip is undertaken on the behalf of firm.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Ireland
  • Verification should be produced of who will take liability of expenses during the applicants stay in Ireland

Why Opulentus:

Understanding and implementing the requirements of Ireland business visa is not a simple task, thus assistance of Opulentus immigration consultants helps individuals in understanding and implementing them properly. Opulentus immigration consultants’ assistance will surely increase the chances of visa approval. Under their guidance your visa process will undergo smoothly and successfully.


  1. Opulentus guided me very well throughout the immigration process. The whole process went so smooth and I have received the best assistance from them.

  2. I rate 10 out of 10 for the visa services offered by Opulentus consultants. They have left no stone unturned in my UK student visa process and have seen that the visa was approved on time.

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