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Opulentus Immigration Consultancy Pvt Ltd is one of the leading visa agents who have clients in more than a dozen countries.

Started more than ten years ago, Opulentus had spread its wings in no time. Given the large number of clients visiting Opulentus for processing various visas for different countries, Opulentus felt that there should be a separate department that would exclusively work, towards clients’ 100% satisfaction, in three-tier format.

The result of such idea is Opulentus help desk. The main reason why it was named help desk was that it would even welcome complaints from clients and work towards solving them to the satisfaction of clients.

All the registered clients of Opulentus would receive an email id and telephone number of Opulentus help desk, which would work from its head office.

Whenever client feels panic over the delay of visa or reasons whatsoever, he/she could directly visit Opulentus help desk.

In case that’s not possible, they can even write to us or telephone. Once a complaint/concern is received, Opulentus help desk speaks to the client to know more about the issue.

Accordingly, his/her application would be tracked and studied for a period of one week.

After ascertaining the reasons for delay, which could sometimes occur because of sudden change in laws etc, Opulentus help desk would intimate to the concerned client in writing as to roughly how much time it would take to know the final result of the visa is known. It has to be mentioned here that till date Opulentus recorded high success rate in visa processing.


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  9. I want to bring my spouse to Denmark by getting a family reunification visa for her. Can Opulentus guide me in this process?

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  11. I am looking for some help and information as I wish to relocate to an abroad destination. I want to take some help for my temporary accommodation overseas. Will Opulentus be able to help me out in this as well as provide concierge services?

  12. Help desk team of Opulentus has given me a proper response and attention to my details. The best part I liked in them is their swift response and professionalism. Thanks a lot!

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