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It’s a pleasure to write a few good words about the people and associations you really like. I thank you all in advance for getting ready to read my short and simple feelings about Opulentus.

I have had eight years of work experience in software development and I badly wanted to go to US after I noticed that all my juniors who went there earned more than me.

Some went through my company and others on their own. I was completely ignorant of the process and didn’t want to ask them either for some reasons.

One day I came across Opulentus board towards the right side on my way back to office. I remembered it and approached them the next day and told them everything.

They told me that I can go to US on L1B visa as I am expert in the field. And they asked me to search for jobs in US and also gave some tips. After three months, I went to them with an offer letter in hand and other documents required for processing the visa.

Opulentus people finally processed my visa. They are really amazing. I recommend them highly. Do approach Opulentus if you are in need of my visa.


  1. One of my friend suggested Opulentus and when I approached them they took care of my processing so well and I was really impressed with their quality of work.

  2. The professional consultants of Opulentus offer steadfast and reliable visa services to its clients. I highly suggest all my relatives and friends to approach Opulentus for visa processing services.

  3. Opulentus has taken extra care for my visa processing as I was already rejected twice by the consulate officer. They took care of the entire necessary thing and made sure I got through the visa process and the interview.

  4. The visa consultants of Opulentus follow certain standards, values and principles. And I really like the quality of work that they offer for their clients.

  5. All my family members got their visas processed through opulentus. I endorse Opulentus. You can approach opulentus friends. They give the best.

  6. Opulentus is the best visa consultancy I have ever visited. I thank the entire team for helping me out with the visa service. Thanks a lot for the entire support.

  7. My dream of moving to overseas nation has come true only with the support of Opulentus. Thanks to each and every member of the team for such wonderful support.

  8. I want to know the application procedure of Australia visitor visa. Can you please tell me and suggest with the requirements of the visa so that I can apply for it.

  9. How to apply for Austria red white red card? Will you please provide guidance along with the application procedure of it? Thanks in advance.

  10. I rate ten out of ten for the swift and steadfast services offered by the professional migration consultants of Opulentus. Big thanks to entire team.

  11. I have searched a lot for the best visa consultancy and I came to know about Opulentus after much research. Is it really the best in the industry?

  12. I have recently married and want to visit the beautiful Schengen country of Italy. Can Opulentus provide me with adequate knowledge about how to obtain the visitor visa to this country?

    1. Following categories of people are eligible for Austria RWR:-
      • Very highly qualified workers
      • Graduates from Austrian educational institutions
      • Skilled workers in shortage occupations
      • Self-employed workers

  13. I am very impressed with the visa services of the Opulentus. I will definitely recommend them to my near and dear ones for any sort of visa assistance.

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