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I wanted to migrate to Canada on FSW as I got a job there. First I approached some local agent to for FSW visa. He wasted my time and money and finally I got fed up and asked my friends if there was some good visa company.

They told me about Opulentus. I immediately approached Opulentus people. I told them that I wanted Canada FSW.  Opulentus people have gone through the documentation and said that everything was fine. They however mentioned that it would be a risky affair to just apply for Canada FSW alone as cap might be full.

Their guidance really helped me. Alternatively I searched for a job in Hong Kong and submitted those documents too. Much before Canada FSW results are out, I got Hong Kong work permit. I went to Hong Kong happily.

All this has happened because of Opulentus. The best part is their guidance  and guess what I didn’t get FSW for the obvious reason that cap was full. Good that I applied for Hong Kong work permit.

Some other good things I noticed in Opulentus are

  •  they are highly professional
  •  service is their main motto and everything else comes next
  •  they offer post landing services
  •  they charge very minimum for processing fee

I recommend Opulentus to everyone.

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