Germany Job Seeker Visa Review


Hi everyone, I am here to narrate my good experience with a visa company called Opulentus. I went to Opulentus when I was in need of Germany job seeker visa. I have had three years of experience. I didn’t know how to get this visa and the documents that are required to submit to German high commission.

So, I approached Opulentus and told them that I want Germany job seeker visa. They told me how there are many opportunities in Germany. But then they even mentioned that I should have the motivation and shouldn’t lose if there’s any delay in getting the job. I was very optimistic and told them that I was game for it.

They took all the required documents. And finally they processed my visa. After a couple of months I got my Germany job seeker visa. It was all because of the sincere efforts made my Opulentus. I am really thankful to Opulentus. However, I was getting confused as to how to go there, I mean the accommodation and all as I was unable to find anything online.

I can book a lodge but what if I don’t get the accommodation on time, my money will be wasted. So, I asked Opulentus to help me out.

It was then they told me about their post landing services. I availed them. They only searched for the house and even made all the arrangements to pick me up from the airport. I like Opulentus. I highly recommend them.


  1. Opulentus pre assessment test is a clever idea through which the client can know their eligibility criteria and helps the client to save his money.

  2. Thank you team Opulentus for helping me secure my German visit visa. Now, I can visit this beautiful country and enjoy the sights and sounds that this country has to offer.

  3. I don’t have any knowledge regarding the top ranked universities in Germany and their admission procedure. Will your professionals help me out in that process?

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