Opulentus Assisted Me Throughout The Visa Process


I wanted to work abroad but I dint know, I searched many jobs and even applied for most but dint any response from them. Then one my friends met me one day and told me that he was working in Germany in a very good position and he came to India to meet his family and said that he would take them soon along on his visa as dependents. I thought its wonderful opportunity in Germany that foreign workers get to so many facilities. I asked him if could help me out too as I was already looking for a job overseas. He suggested me to go Opulentus Visa Company where he approached before to get a German visa. I went a contact Opulentus and told them the entire scene. They suggested me for Germany job seeker visa. They had a pre assessment test where they check the eligibility criteria for the visa and once they said I was eligible enough to apply for the German visa then I handed over all the documents that they asked me for and that’s it. After that I wasn’t even bothered about anything. They are such experts in handling the visa processing and even maintain things transparent between them and us so that I don’t get confused. They guided me throughout the process and made sure that I was satisfied with their work. I finally got my visa. Thank you so much Opulentus


  1. I give Opulentus five stars for supporting me throughout the visa processing. I thank my case officer for helping me with the processing and making sure that I get through it.

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