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Hi friends, this is Amith. I am here to portray my experience with Opulentus, how they aided me in getting my permanent resident visa at the earliest. I am a person who had a dream to settledown in Sweden, a beautiful country with good economy, rivers and valleys. Made large hunt for good visa consultancies but could not. On one fine day with one of my relative’s suggestion I have accessed the help of Opulentus to get my application processed at the earliest.

The way they admitted and handled the case was really awesome. After asserting my requirements the counselor over there have studied my case and asked me to undergo few tests for further processing of my permanent visa. I was assisted with best advices in all possible ways to maneuver easily throughout the process at low costs.

I got perfect solutions for all my queries from their expertise team. Opulentus proffered me with best assistance over all times. Thanks to Opulentus visa consultancy for processing my visa without any hurdles and troubles. I do even suggest you all to approach Opulentus for any assistance on visa services and processing. Big thanks to Opulentus whole team for helping out in my visa procedure.


  1. I met Opulentus when I was in need of Canada visa. I was treated very well and all my process so smoothly. Thanks to the whole team for processing my application without any hurdles. Thanks a lot.

  2. Opulentus is best immigration consultancy which I have approached for my US visit visa. Thanks a lot to the entire team of Opulentus for processing my visa successfully.

  3. Have you ever met a visa consultancy that will assists you through every phase of visa process till your visa get approved? If not approach a visa consultancy called Opulentus to build confidence in yourself and to easily complete the application processing.

  4. The immigration consultants of Opulentus are reliable and steadfast. The work principles and the values followed by them are awesome. The really like the way they assist the clients.

  5. Opulentus has played a major role in processing my visa and I am really happy that I got a positive reply from the embassy.

  6. Opulentus Visa Consultancy unburdened all my career concerns on themselves and got me the student visa to US in a timely manner. Their help was indispensible.

  7. I got know about Opulentus through one of my friends and when I consulted them I was very much happy with the kind of work they have provided me with. I got a positive reply for my work visa and I will surely consult Opulentus for my parent’s dependent visa.

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