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Both my parents’ worked hard to educate me and I also struggled a lot in my childhood to study. I wanted to earn big and take care of parents’. I studied hard and I went Canada to study. I studied and earned a job. It took me five years to settle down in the country. After a lot of hard work I finally got my permanent residency in Canada after certain period and now I was allowed to get my dependents to the country. It was my chance now to take care of parents’ and give them a life of comfort.

I dreamt of this day my entire life and I was excited to tell them that now they can come and live with me. When I called my parents and informed them that they pack bags and come to stay with me. The joy in their voice was over whelming. I explained them the entire process and said them that I would send the required papers and they will have to submit them along with their application form.

But it was over the phone and they were quite confused about what exactly they had to do. I wanted someone to help them and suddenly it struck me that one of my friends works at a visa consultancy. I immediately contacted him and asked him to help my parents’. He was working in Opulentus visa consultancy which is quite popular in India and as well as Canada.

He approached my parents’ and took care of the entire visa processing. Opulentus appointed a case officer to my parents’ where they take care of the entire processing and even keep them informed regarding the updated changes that has taken place. They helped my parents’ a lot and even guided them for the visa interview. Thanks a lot Opulentus for taking care, they finally got the visa and they are here with me exploring Canada on their own. This is what I exactly wanted to give my parents’. Thanks for making my dream come true.


  1. The immigration consultants of Opulentus are always willing to help and in directing and explaining the things clearly. Their way of dealing with the clients was awesome. I am plnning to travel to Australia. Will you help me?

  2. Thanks Opulentus for helping and guiding me well through the process of immigration. I will never forget your help and suggests you to all my near and dear ones.

  3. Opulentus immigration consultants are constantly willing to assist and direct individuals in their immigration process. They explain all the details clearly. Their way of dealing with the clients was awesome. I am planning to travel to Canada. Will Opulentus help me?

  4. I have many issues with regards to schengen visa. I request you to provide guidance so that I can easily get the visa. Hope to hear a positive response. Thanks in advance

  5. Thanks to immigration consultant of Opulentus for tremendous services and tracking by visa status frequently. I am delighted with your best immigration services. Will your team offer me the immigration services to Italy?

  6. Can anyone please let me know whether a successful candidate is able to bring his or her family member to Canada?

    1. A successful candidate can accompany his or her family members such as spouse (i.e. husband or wife) or common-law partner, or a dependent child to Canada.

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