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A year ago I got placed in one of the most reputated company in Canada and they wanted me to join their services at the earliest. I thought they could sponsor me with the visa but sadly they don’t do it. So I needed a help from someone who can get me through this visa processing. I searched in goggle and found out that Opulentus is one of the best visa consultancies which can approached for any kind of visa processing. I immediately visited Opulentus with all the documents and explained them the entire scenario. They went through all my documents and told me that I was eligible for Canada FSW program. They started processing my visa and I was given help desk number where I can get answers for all y queries. They guided me throughout the process and even helped me with the visa interview with some tips. I am really satisfied and with their work especially their post landing services which made my travelling without any tension. Some of the best things about Opulentus is their post landing services which makes the travel east, complaint desk which clarifies all the doubts of the client and their low processing fee which the main and the major part of the company. As many companies can play games with you by taking the processing fee and not processes your visa and gives explanations. But Opulentus is not like that, they are simply the best.


  1. Opulentus visa experts have worked swiftly and effectively to make my immigration process simple and easy. The whole process went through email and I got my visa timely. Thanks to the whole team for their effective guidance.

  2. My case officer not only processed my visa but also guided me throughout the visa process. I really appreciate the work put up by the team and my case officer. Thanks for the support

  3. Opulentus complaint desk team provides the best expert guidance, all your doubts and issues are given equal importance and they came with the best solution in my case. Thanks a lot.

  4. I have lot of doubts regarding my Australia visit visa. And with one of my friends’ suggestion I approached Opulentus recently. I have become big fan of them.

  5. Opulentus has made my dream come true by making me get through the entire visa process smoothly and ensuring I get my visa. I am finally going London. Thanks a lot.

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