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I came to know about Opulentus visa services through one of my friends and I wanted a visa to Canada, as I wanted to surprise my aunt there who never came India after her marriage and whom I never met after my tenth grade. I wanted to go surprise as her as she was the only aunt in my family with whom I used to share everything and she was the only one who was close to me. So I immediately approached Opulentus and explained them the entire scene and told them my requirements. they started off my processing right away and even explained me each and everything regarding the process and made sure I am aware of every single thing that is happening which is related to my processing. They helped me gathering all the visa documents that have to be submitted to the processing centre and even trained me for the visa interview so I do not make any blunders in the end. Opulentus team has made sure that they processed the things according to my convenience and made sure they met all the requirements. I appreciate the effort put by the Opulentus and thanks for the entire support and guidance regarding the visa processing.


  1. Opulentus is the best visa consultancy that I have never seen in my 22 years of experience. They offer excellent assistance regardless to the type of visa you opt and the country you chose to immigrate.

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