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U.S. tightens screening of visitors from Visa Waiver countries

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The Government of US has recently imposed tighter screening actions on migrants from countries which are included in the Visa Waiver program.  The intensive security steps are planned only as the part of identifying Islamist militants from VWP nations who are travelling to Middle East regions to unite with Islamic states of Syria and Iraq. However, this new program has become a crucial problem for Europeans who are entitled to move United States without a visa for short term stay.

Even though the federal government doesn’t have probable information on looming threats, aspirants are asked to enter all the necessary data fields along with employment details, national identification number,  parents’ names, employment information and birth city name while using Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Electronic System for Travel Authorization is a pre-journey warning system that lets an individual to know whether he or she is likely to travel overseas freely or not. US Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, noted that the changes in the security system are not only affecting the European nations but also the users of Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

This endorsement is applicable for two years and the overseas who had their Electronic System for Travel Authorization approval before 3 November can continue with the VWP, until it gets expired.

Roger Dow, president of United Nations travel organization and a follower of VWP noted that entry procedure security must be tighten enough, where it should include shifting safety landscape.

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