Hats off to Opulentus


I still remember the days that I used to loaf around aimlessly after completion of my degree. Many boards I use come across on road, even that of Opulentus. I never knew then that I would one day approach Opulentus for visa.

My uncle actually took me to this visa consultancy despite my reluctance to go abroad. He had all high end plans for me. Anyway, I will not talk much about all my personal crap here.

Back to point, Opulentus executives understood that I wasn’t really ready to go abroad. Instead of just listening to my uncle and processing US student visa, they took efforts to talk to me and find out if everything was okay.

Then I was asked to meet some person (a counselor). The discussion lasted for about 40 minutes and it was only me who spoke and the other person just listened to me patiently. The session actually helped me to a great extent as I came to know that my problem was not about going abroad, it was all about US.

The counselor then smiled to me and explained about opportunities in Australia and lifestyle over there. He looked at me if I was interested and I just smiled…I was convinced.

I really like the way Opulentus dealt my case. I am now in Australia attending post graduate school.


  1. Opulentus immigration consultants have done a great job and I am very thankful to them. They processed my Germany student visa successfully.

  2. Opulentus is the best company when it comes to visa processing, not for visa but Opulentus knows the value of money and the clients concerns. Their fee charges are affordable and their services are worth every single penny.

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