My Success Story With Opulentus


I am here to say few words about how Opulentus has backed me throughout my process. My name is karthik and I’m a finance manager with three years of experience. My dream is to settle abroad and earn lots of money. I heard about Canada FSW program and interested to migrate to Canada.

Seeking more info about the process, I have approached Opulentus as it was the only consultancy that boasts of highest success rate. As soon as I approached them, they have received me very politely and respectfully. Then, I got acquainted with visa counselors and asked them to provide me complete information about Canada FSW.

Owning many years of experience, they have provided me with full details and encouraged me to file an application for Canada FSW. I got to know that now Canada needs more number of financial mangers.

Then, I asked them to help me in this process and requested them to process my visa application. Under their guidance, I got to know all the details of the process including requirements, procedures and other formalities to be undertaken. They have backed me very well and guided in each and every phase of the process.

Even, I was guided for points based system. Their expert advices have helped me to a lot and their assistance is great. Even, I was guided well for the visa interview. The assistance that has rendered me throughout the process was quite good. The fee that they have charged was affordable. Under their assistance, I was successful in the interview and my visa application is approved.

Now, I’m waiting for my visa. On this occasion, I would like to thank Opulentus and its entire team for assisting me in a great manner. Special thanks to the immigration counselors who have handled my case.

Thank you all.


  1. I thank the entire team of Opulentus for helping me in getting tier 1 visa. I really appreciate the work extended by the team.

  2. I have applied for an Australia skilled independent visa in the previous year, as I couldn’t meet up the required points, my visa got rejected. Then I approached Opulentus, who assessed by profile and helped me my in immigration my skills to migrate to Australia and to meet the required points.

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