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Work in South Africa through Job Seeker Visa

Are you looking for a job overseas? Well, South Africa is also one of the popular countries among the world. South Africa is situated in the southernmost tip of the African continent where it is bounded with the 2798km of coastline. It is the 25th largest land area country and 24th most populous nation with 53 million people.

South Africa Job Seeker Visa:

The job seeker visa of South Africa is a residence permit which is temporary and allows the applicant for searching the job in South Africa. Initially, it is issued to the applicant for 90 days. If the applicants are confirmed for the employment, then they would be issued a Quota work permit of South Africa which is initially issued for five years which can be extended till the existence of the employment.

Features of Job Seeker Visa:

Applicants with the residence permit which is temporarily issued for the 90 days can find a job in South Africa and can submit an application for the Quota work permit. If the applicants cannot find job in South Africa then they have to return to the home country.

Benefits of Quota Work Permit:

There are few benefits to the applicants who are selected for the Quota work permit

• The validity of the work permit will be till the existence of your employment in South Africa • After the five years stay in South Africa, a person can be eligible to permanent residence • The applicant family are allowed to reside in South Africa

Requirements for Job Seeker Visa:

• Candidate should have minimum 5 years work experience in nomination occupation • Candidate should have minimum bachelors degree • Candidate should satisfy the health and character requirements • Candidate should have enough funds

The federal government of South Africa gives job opportunity to the applicant to succeed in their life and it is also known as one of the best countries in the world to fulfill their desires. South Africa is a multi ethnic country with a wide variety of languages, religions and cultures. The country is recognized as a highest number of any of the country which follows 11 official languages.

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