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Zimbabwe and Zambia to boost country's tourism with uni-visa regime

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi announced that, Zimbabwe and Zambia are about to launch uni-visa scheme for Chinese tourists to boost tourism of both the countries. Zambia and Zimbabwe have shared one of the world natural wonders Victoria Falls.

Both the nations planned to launch visa-on-arrival facility for tourists while co-hosting the 20th general assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

The tourist minister Mzembi said that the uni-visa program would enhance Zimbabwe and Zambia’s importance with the presence of Victoria Falls.

The minister further revealed that tourism sector would remove all the hurdles and obstacles that are standing as barriers for the growth of the country’s tourism.

This visa scheme permits tourists from 40 overseas countries including United States, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Australia and Rwanda to visit the two nations for 50 dollars.

All the overseas nationals can obtain this facility on B category list of the migration paper of the nations while arriving into Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Tourists can save their money and time by choosing this program, as a single visa is enough to visit both the nations.

Tourism minister told that this VOA facility would benefit tourists who travel to Botswana through Kazungula that sets apart Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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